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2011-09-07 11:57 pm
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All My Shit

Here it is. Everything I've done.

NOTE: Updated June 20, 2009

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2011-08-29 05:50 pm

My Community


You can claim a character, pairing (romantic or platonic), or an entire fandom.

Just click on the banner and join in the fun!
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2011-06-30 04:41 pm

Guilt List

Below are all current/future writing endeavorers. How quickly any of these will be completed is anyone's guess. But if you're curious as to what may or may not be upcoming take a peek. Hell, if you bug me about one it just might get done faster. Worth a shot.

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2009-07-07 09:28 pm

Fic: Sweet As Honey, Thick As Molasses

Title: Sweet As Honey, Thick As Molasses
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Urahara
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Slight Exhibition Kink, BDSM Elements
Notes: Written for Sweet Candy Shop Contest @ [ profile] uraichi and for [community profile] kink_bingo Exhibition Kink

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2009-07-06 04:15 pm
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Okay, this is seriously starting to annoy me...

So today I got this review on for Quality Entertainment.

Ookay, this was like super short. It'd be awesome if it were longer and more detailed.

So what? Cause it's short it's not still awesome? Since when is briefness a demerit? WTF

I'm getting pretty sick of hearing crap like that. Too bad it's not longer. The stories are the length they are for a reason people. Most of them, if they were any longer they wouldn't have the same punch to them. And personally, I feel a lot of writers put to much stock in wordiness. Why say in a thousand words what you can say in five hundred? Or hell one hundred. Damn irritating... [grumbles]
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2009-07-04 08:13 am

Let The Kink Begin!

Once I saw [personal profile] boywonder/[ profile] jikeidannin's post about [community profile] kink_bingo I just couldn't resist. As I'm sure some of you have noticed I have very little willpower. [sigh] So here is my Crazy Ass Card:

Complete with Pegging/Strap-ons and Tentacles. Uh...yeah, not too hot about those prompts. But the rest are sounding very awesome. I plan on doing a mix of fandoms and pairings - Bleach will of course be one - I've been wanting to get back into Saiyuki and a couple of these would fit nicely. Also might try some KHR and 07 Ghost. Maybe. And finally Supernatural. I've come up with an idea for a 5 part series starring John and Dean that will take a look at just how Papa Winchester got his son to be so damn obedient.

Take A Look )

So there ya have it. If you guys have any suggests for me as far as fandoms/pairings/ideas for the prompts give me a shout. Would love to hear them.

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2009-07-01 10:12 am

Drabble: Unintentional Docility

OMG I FINALLY WROTE MORE URAHARA/ICHIGO FIC! It's been what? A year since the last fic. Which is pretty damn sad considering that some of my personal favorite works are this pairing. [SMACKS SELF] Seriously, I can be such a doofus sometimes.

Title: Unintentional Docility
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Urahara (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied slash

All things considered, it's not that surprising. )

Now just to get something put together for the Contest over @ [ profile] uraichi
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2009-05-15 05:35 pm

Foxy's Uke Boy~

Decided to test Dreamwidth's x-posting. And the best way to do it? WITH PICTURES!

The Prettiest Kitty EVER )

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2009-04-23 02:22 pm


I'm bored, sleepy and I feel fat.


[licks you all]

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2009-04-22 04:03 pm


My daughter is seriously the cutest thing on earth.

That is all.

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2009-04-16 03:15 pm

And She's Supposed To Be My Rock...

So because of my own fail-ment, I've been given the 'don't call until you get help' treatment from my mom.

Apparantly I'm too upsetting and neurotic for my parents.

My bad.

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2009-04-10 12:41 am

Lurky, Lurky, Lurk

So totally ganked from [ profile] bakabokken.

You Are a Lynx
You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.
You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.
What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.

/slinks off

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2009-04-03 04:51 am

I don't care about anyone else but me...

...and why should I?

I've been very depressed lately. It took me a while to figure out but yeah...

I just don't care anymore...about anyone or anything

and when I do it's instant anger.


I need a doctor.

I'll be going soon.

Sorry, I missed your birthday Rinja-girl!!! ♥♥♥♥

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2009-03-14 04:01 pm


So, ah hi everybody! Yes, I am in fact still alive over here, though to be honest I haven't felt very 'alive' recently. I think it's the change in seasons, the same thing happened in the Fall. I've felt very disconnected from everything and just sort of like I'm floating through life or something. Odd to say the least.

It doesn't help either that bad shit's been going on. Not so much here - marriage stuff hasn't really changed at all, we seem to be at a standstill...but I suppose that's better than it getting worse - but elsewhere. My brother's marriage is kind of falling apart on him. It's quite likely his wife is having an affair or is at least very close too it. Her entire attitude has changed and she's been accepting phone numbers from guys and even kissed one at a concert she went to with my other sister-in-law. My brother really needs to stop hiding from the facts and do something about it. They have three kids and it's been putting a strain on them, they've all gotten pretty bratty and unhappy.

Found out yesterday that my Mamaw (my grandma on my mother's side) has breast cancer. [sigh] Like the poor woman doesn't have enough problems. Her mental health has never been that great - she was in the hospital again recently - and now this? Fucking unfair if you ask me. Plus, there's that whole hereditary aspect that makes me twitch.

Anyways, in happier news, I just got done watching the first season of Heros. I know, I know, where have I been all this time? [rolls eyes] Oh, and I know I like to slash...well, everybody and incest is always a huge draw for me but OMG the Petrelli brothers are just begging for it. Really, I think it's just the way the actor's you know...act but seriously, there were moments where I was shouting at the screen 'WOULD YOU JUST KISS ALREADY' much to the annoyance of my husband haha.

And OMG Torchwood is fucking heaven on earth. I love that show so HARD. I'd really love to read some good Crossover fic in the way of Torchwood/Firefly. Getting both captains in the same room would be cause for much hilarity, throw in the rest of the cast and akdl;fjasl;hfd;ashdf;oi FANTASTIC!

...uh, think that's it for the moment. Need to catch up on my mangas but before I bounce away I'd like to throw some MAJOR FUCKING EPIC LOVING at both Rinja and Mari! Thanks for the lovely emails you guys! It's always awesome to hear that you're missed and OMFUCKINGGOD I MISSED YOU GUYS TOO and I'm THRILLED to be back. [loves all over like whoa]

Edit: Oh and I don't know if I've pimped it yet but LOOK AT THE PRETTY PRETTY ICON RINJA MADE FOR ME~ [points]

It seriously makes me want to write Frau/Teito fic...maybe after I catch up with HB tags XD

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2009-03-03 06:38 pm

KHR Chap 231


Hibari finally has his lovertrainer again! I've been awaiting for his appearance for ages.

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2009-02-20 09:44 pm

Who Am I? OMG Identity Crisis LOL

So totally ganked from [ profile] jikeidannin

2. Everyone has a character they feel connected to, whether it be in a book, movie, show or video game. But how do others perceive you? Have your f-list tell you a character they see you as, and maybe even explain why.

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2009-02-20 04:12 pm

This Was NOT The Version I Saw! [sobs]

I seriously want to see this version if only so I can fast forward to this scene and watch his junk bounce around...

Yes, I really am that pathetically perverted.

Christian Bale + Chainsaw + Full Frontal Nudity = One Very Happy Corelle

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2009-02-20 12:58 pm

Corelle is bored and she's going to drag you down with her MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay, the other day in HB chat Gogo ([ profile] gogosama) and I briefly discussed hair length on men. I originally said I prefer short hair but I feel this needs/deserves clarification cause both Sebastian and Agon have long hair AND I LIKE IT.

So first off, my rule of No Long Hair doesn't really apply to fictional people (like General Cross [unfunfunf]) cause it looks cleaner and more stylish when it's on paper/the screen. And cleanliness is my big thing when it comes to long hair. Nine times out of ten the longer it is the dirtier/messier it looks and all I want to do it shave it all off of the guy. And really, very few people can pull off the shaggy look anyways.

But occasionally along comes a man that is out to change my mind and so there are exceptions to the rule. Christian Bale being one of them. Oh, so sexy! However, the sex that is Mr. Bale also usually keeps his hair styled UP OFF OF HIS FACE. You see this is the key for my approval. Hair hanging in the eyes makes men look grungy and really kind of stupid.

And yet once again - though it is far more rare - there are exceptions for that as well.

Mainly THIS HOTTIE FROM DBSK WHO'S NAME I DON'T KNOW! :O OMG AUDREY ([ profile] akuryounoseiki) WHAT IS HIS NAME?? And only you will be able to fully appreciate how much that question is making me giggle. 8D

So, uh yeah. Now you know? [flutters off]

...oh and don't ask why I used your names and accounts. I just did okay? ♥

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2009-02-18 08:21 pm

Cause You Look So Much Cuter With Something In Your Mouth~

Was tagged by the ever so lovely [ profile] bakabokken so here you go! A MEME YAY

100 Truths Meme in which I lie to you all. (Haha, not really...8D) )
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people → Okay, uh, most of you have already done this so...[ profile] nwoppertje and [ profile] conjure_lass if you two haven't yet now's your chance!