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We're at the end of the universe.

And contrary to all expectations, it's extremely narrow.

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Name:Given The Chance I Will Create Chaos~
Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:United States of America

about me

Name: Call Me Whatever (I've Heard It All)
Age: 24
Location: Las Vegas
Occupation: Wife Of Dorky Boy, Mother Of Pretty Baby and Rinja's Owner

(Corelle is so totally made of awesome, because [profile] bakabokken says so. :D /totally haxxing.)
what i write


*cough* I mean...Porn?

Uh not important or serious fiction?

Bleach mostly. Though I have been branching out some. Not recently however cause [profile] hardboiled_rpg HAS ATE MY LIFE. (But in a good way *grin*)

Not sure when I'll get around to writing more. Hopefully soon. *misses fanfiction*

(Oh and I was serious about the incest thing...don't like...don't read. plzkthx)

what i like


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (THE HIBARI, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE HIBARI *points to pretty graphics*), RINJA ((aka [profile] bakabokken) cause she's my bitch AWESOMESAUCE!)), my lovely Friend and Beta Sam (aka [profile] evergrnterrace <3s), RPing (*squishes Isshin and Agon and the [profile] hardboiled_rpg gals*), my adoring public...*crickets* Anyone Out There? *crickets*...and ummm...a bunch of different mangas? LOL.

More to come. XP

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action figures, alec, animals, anime, anime & manga, anime icons, autumn, avatars, avoiding work, aya, ayasegawa yumichika, batman, batman icons, batman slash, being alone, ben and jerry's, big bang theory, big cats, big damn heroes, big damn movie, bleach, bleach anime, bleach manga, books, byakuren, cajun, cats, chatting, chinese food, cho hakkai, comfort food, comic books, cooking, corelle/rinja, cuisine, dark angel, deftones, divine heresy, donnie darko, drabbles, drawing, eeyore, fight club, final fantasy, final fantasy viii, firefly, foxy/junah, gambit, gardens, garfield, genjo sanzo, gensoumaden saiyuki, gojyoxsanzo, gotei 13, grifter, hisagi shuuhei, horseback riding, horses, ichigo, icon bases, icons, japanese history, joss whedon, journey to the west, kittens, kon, kurosaki ichigo, kurosaki isshin, logan cale, lost, making icons, mal reynolds, manga, meine liebe, memes, minnesota, movies, online manga, personality tests, pets, piercings, plotbunnies, pr0n, prince of tennis, princess ai, rating, reading, remy, renji, renji/ichigo, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, saiyuki reload, sanzoxgojyo, sarcasm, schuldig, schwarz, scrapbooking, scrapbooks, scrubs, seether, serenity, sha gojyo, shiba ganju, shiba kaien, shiba kuukaku, shinigami, shounen-ai, shuuhei, shuuhei/renji, simon tam, simon/mal, slacking, slash, sleeping, smut, son goku, soul society, spirited away, stamping, stamping communities, stories, surfing the internet, sushi, tattoos, the simpsons, the sims, tokyopop, ukitake jyuushiro, ulquiorra, ulquiorra/ichigo, unohana retsu, urahara kisuke, watching television, weiss kreuz, wild adapter, wolves, writing, writing stories, x-men, yamada hanatarou, yamamoto genryuusai shigekuni, yaoi, yoruichi, yumichika, zangetsu
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