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Guilt List

Below are all current/future writing endeavorers. How quickly any of these will be completed is anyone's guess. But if you're curious as to what may or may not be upcoming take a peek. Hell, if you bug me about one it just might get done faster. Worth a shot.


[ profile] uraichi - Sweet Candy Shop Contest, 1000 words, due July 14


- Abnormal Normality sequel for [ profile] green_wing OMG I promised her one over a YEAR ago [cringe]

- Obedience Series (5 Parts) - Supernatural, John/Dean - This series will be created using prompts from the Crazy Ass Card so expect some lovely kink!fic. It's basically John teaching Dean different types of obedience. Order: Beginning (Consent Play), Physical Obedience (Watersports), Mental Obedience (Bondage (Other)), Emotional Obedience (Silence), End (Obedience). Oh and those of you who watersports squicks, don't worry, no one's getting pissed on or in cause yeah - ewwwwwwwww.


If you're interested in my WIPs you can check them out in a separate post. (COMING SOON) Bare in mind the ratings/pairings/fandoms/warnings vary greatly. I'll try to keep it as risk-free-browsing as possible but if you accidentally read something that squicks don't you come crying to me.

From Memes

Jealous!Isshin or Disheveled!Agon - for [ profile] simply_day
Angry Character!Chika Akatsuki - for [ profile] formative
Hungry!Ikkyu - for [ profile] nwoppertje
Kick-Ass!Gokudera or Injured!Gokudera - for [personal profile] rinja

[community profile] kink_bingo


[ profile] centi_porn - Claimed Supernatural, General Fandom

Theme Set III
01. Balance
02. Aware - Matter Of Time (PG-13)
03. Wait - Following Orders (R)
04. Rhythm
05. Shift
06. Transparent - Ghost Skin (R)
07. Reflection
08. Crave - Unexpected Hunger (R)
09. Fleeting
10. Constant
11. Fate
12. Again
13. Few
14. Vertigo
15. Inverse

[ profile] bleach_15 - Claimed Urahara/Ichigo

[ profile] corelle
Claim: Urahara Kisuke/Kurosaki Ichigo
1. shinigami
2. black and white - Worth Doing
3. the rain - Weather Changes
4. masks
5. one summer - Summer Daze
6. to protect - Worth It
7. learning - Introductions
8. butterflies
9. candy
10. souls - Making the Most
11. standing to defend you
12. parting ways/meetings
13. flowers
14. conspiracy
15. bo-hahahaha!
ALT1. a fight in winter - Advantage of Youth
ALT2. if I hold the sword…
ALT3. bankai
ALT4. bleached
ALT5. inter-division politics
Progress: 5/15

[ profile] 30_dogpile - Claimed Isshin/Ichigo/Urahara, Basic 102 Theme